May 8th, 2014

Якимов Михаил Ростиславович

Интервью с Kees Christiaanse

Kees Christiaanse в частности написал про Пермь: "There is no public transport, everybody uses the car..." Я удивлен  :(
Это всё что он вынес из работы в нашем городе?

Urbanized Landscape
An interview with Kees Christiaanse on the future of urbanisation by Giulio Margheri
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Mr Christiaanse, during interviews you often quote Jane Jacobs, as well as in “The open city and its Enemies” where she is used as a key figure to explain the Open City ” the city of Jane Jacobs, whose image assumes clearly defined contours in her sizeable oeuvre, as an Open City where coexistence thrives and that extends far beyond Greenwich Village, is she still actual? How is she relevant for urban scale projects?

I quote her often not because I know her books deeply, but because I met her in person a couple of times, and when we were talking we were on the same level. I don’t consider the book she wrote in 1960 “The death and life of the great American cities, as containing everything that has been developed in urban theory between then and now, but it is definitely an important book covering many very actual issues of urbanism.
Urbanized Landscape — Future Urbanism
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